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New supervisory director Hans Snijders:
“You have to earn customer loyalty afresh, every single day.”

With applause and a virtually unanimous vote, on 2 September the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of KAS BANK approved the proposed appointment of Hans Snijders as a new supervisory director of KAS BANK. His 4-year term of office commenced straight after the meeting. “An appointment as supervisory director is a particularly great honour, as well as being socially important,” says Hans Snijders. “I am keen to make use of my time at the company to contribute to the further development of KAS BANK.”

   Hans Snijders has plenty of management experience under his belt, in both IT and business. When he was just 28 years old, he was managing 150 employees. “The main thing that taught me was that you have to earn the loyalty of your customers anew each and every day. That’s true of every organisation, including KAS BANK. Everyone at the company has to be aware that they are pulling in the same direction. As a manager, you have to lead by example by spending time with your staff. At the same time, you have to remain critical of who you are and what you’re doing as a company. Markets change, the needs of your customers change - and you have to keep pace. Right now, KAS BANK is in the middle of just such a change process. For me, it is a challenge to help shape that process.

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