Services for Banks

KAS BANK is one of the largest and most highly appreciated providers of clearing, settlement and sub-custody services. As an independent European party with a global focus, we offer direct connections to 18 markets. Through our network we act as global custodian in 90 markets.

  • Clearing
    • CCP guarantor
    • Cross-collateralisation
    • Margin management
    • Integrated credit model
    • Reporting
  • Settlement
    • (Pre)matching
    • STP processing
    • Auto borrowing
  • Trade support
    • Best execution
    • Transparency
    • Reporting
  • Custody
    • Income collection & redemptions
    • Corporate Actions
    • Tax reclaim
    • Proxy voting
  • Treasury services
    • FX spot
    • Cash management
  • KAS-Web
    • Instructing
    • Reporting


Our single processing platform ensures uniform and efficient settlement of securities transactions in all the European markets. Since transactions are settled through a single account, the reconciliation of positions is greatly simplified. Our single credit model applies across all markets. All our systems are developed in-house, ensuring they remain state-of-the-art, and allowing us to respond rapidly to changes in the market or within your organisation.


We will support the settlement of all your transactions through a communication protocol based on Straight Through Processing (STP). Upon receipt of your instruction we will check it for completeness. Your instruction will then be cross-checked against that of your counterparty. We will provide detailed status reports throughout the matching process. In addition, we will help you to improve your settlement rates by analysing your instructions and proposing improvements wherever possible.

Trade support

We offer a completely integrated solution that is fully MiFID compliant.

Electronic order processing and execution through FIX protocol 
Clearing and settlement
Custody of the securities positions or those of your client

You will gain benefits in the area of:
Best execution policy
Pre- and post-trade transparency
Trade and transaction reports
Integral services


KAS BANK offers custody, clearing and settlement services across the globe. Most importantly, we have established direct connections to all the major European markets and to NYSE, Dubai and Hong Kong. KAS BANK is a European custodian with global reach. We strive continuously to expand our network, to offer our clients an efficient, cost-effective service that meets all their investment requirements.

We reconcile all external securities positions with our own records, ensuring that your assets benefit from maximum protection.

Our capability covers the administration of more complex alternative investments, such as hedge funds, derivatives and structured vehicles.

Treasury services

KAS BANK offers fully bespoke, consolidated cash management and FX solutions, that link seamlessly with our comprehensive custody and settlement services. Our KAS TT treasury tool will enable you to regulate your cash flows and effortlessly execute FX spot, forward and swap transactions.

The experienced staff on our trading desks is always on hand to assist you in executing FX transactions, financing debit balances and ensuring that any surplus generates maximum interest.


KAS Web is our secure, flexible internet portal for exchanging real-time information on all your cash and securities accounts at KAS BANK.

KAS Web’s key features include:

Real-time account information, available 24/7
A fully customisable interface
Comprehensive management information
State-of-the-art security
An extensive reporting capability

CCP guarantor

We will guarantee all your obligations for delivery or receipt of securities and cash flows with the Central Counter Party (CCP) on all the exchanges where we act as General Clearing Member on your behalf. We will take care of the margin payable to the CCP and will ensure that adequate collateral is provided. We will never repledge your collateral, allowing greater flexibility in its nature and composition.


As part of our credit facility we apply cross-collateralisation on your available collateral or margin in your active markets. This will enable you to employ your collateral efficiently and reduce the use of capital, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Margin management

Our integrated credit model allows us to assess the risk profile of all your activities. We will compare this weighting to the collateral that you have made available, factoring in your margin obligations. In our capacity as GCM, we will provide adequate collateral to cover the total margin obligation. By managing margin obligations bilaterally, we can minimise the effort required on your part in managing your collateral.

Integrated credit model

Our unique credit model is made possible by our single European platform. This allows us to assess the risk of all your activities, both cross-market and cross-product. As part of our credit facility we apply cross-collateralisation to the available collateral in all the markets in which you are active, enabling you to employ your collateral most efficiently.


KAS BANK can provide uniform reports for all the markets in which we have General Clearing Member status, offering you a clear overview of your positions at all times. Our transaction reports will provide you with insight on three different levels. All KAS BANK reports can be customised to meet your specific requirements, covering the settlement of transactions, securities lending, failed settlements, margin obligations and forthcoming corporate actions. All reports can be accessed and archived through our internet portal, KAS Web.


We will continuously provide up-to-date, detailed information on the matching status of your instructions. This enables us to investigate at an early stage whether it is necessary to take corrective action to ensure timely settlement.

STP processing

The core of effective back-office activity is an efficient Straight Through Processing (STP) settlement cycle. We will support your business management with extensive reports analysing the quality of your instruction flows and settlement performance. These score sheets provide valuable feedback that will help you to improve your instruction flow and ensure smooth processing.

Auto borrowing

Based on your purchase or sale instruction, we will take care of the entire trade, delivery and custody procedure. We support the settlement of transactions by means of automatic securities lending and conversion of foreign currencies.

Best execution

Your personal Best Execution policy
We are here to support you in the efficient running of your business. Therefore, we have established this service to ensure that our solutions for order processing are always tailor made for each individual client. With KAS BANK you can define an individual best execution policy for each client group – allowing our bespoke service to be replicated for your clients.


We will record the market circumstances and the feasibility of each order received in a complete audit trail, based on the pre-defined best execution policy.


We save all transaction data for a period of five years in conformity with MiFID guidelines. In addition, we provide all necessary reports to relevant supervisory institutions.

Income collection & redemptions

The efficient, accurate and timely collection of income accruing from your investments is a core element of our custody service.

Key features:

Notification of all dividend and coupon payments and bond redemptions
Monitoring and reports of outstanding income
Verification and cross-checking of information from multiple sources
Online monitoring of payment status
Contractual income service in the all the major markets

Corporate Actions

KAS BANK processes corporate actions in all markets. We will ensure that you receive pertinent information as soon as it becomes available, and will warn you immediately should you be required to make a decision, or in the event that we have not received an instruction. You will be able to follow the status of relevant corporate actions at all times, and can set up continuous instructions for optimum efficiency.

Tax reclaim

KAS BANK will relieve you of laborious and protracted tax exemption and reclaim procedures, reducing the burden on your time and resources. Wherever possible, we will provide relief at source.

A dedicated tax reclaim department will operate on your behalf, with country specialists continuously monitoring all relevant tax and treaty documentation. You will be kept fully abreast of developments in the tax arena, and will be advised of the status of each reclamation in our monthly reports.

KAS BANK is almost unique in offering contractual tax reclamation in the major continental European markets. In these markets, KAS BANK will take responsibility for recovering tax and you will be guaranteed to receive the net dividend and recoverable tax on the due date.

Proxy voting

Our proxy voting service allows you to vote globally, on all shareholders’ meetings.

Online access to our proxy voting service provides

Details of future shareholder meetings and information relating to past events
Capacity to exercise varied voting preferences
Insight into restrictions and guidelines in each market
Detailed updates of proxy voting news
Reminders in the event that a voting instruction is not received
Real-time status overviews and comprehensive voting archive
Overview of changes in share positions
Electronic voting capability in all countries in which we keep securities on your behalf

FX spot

KAS BANK provides a first-rate FX service distinguished by complete transparency. Our FX desk offers a full foreign exchange trading facility and supports swaps, currency options, repos and sale/buy back trades. Should you require a fully bespoke solution, our Special Products department will be able to oblige.

KAS BANK clients also have access to KAS TT, a browser-based single-bank platform connected directly to KAS BANK’s dealing room. The system offers clients the choice between executing FX deals themselves, or routing them through the KAS BANK trading desk.

Cash management

Regulate your FX and cash positions in an easy and effective manner. Make your surplus more profitable by using the options for the short (call) and longer term (deposit). Interest-rate swaps, options, repos, special products and complete FX support form a complete package of possibilities. You will either trade through KAS TT yourself or you will contact our Money Market Desk.


KAS Web facilitates rapid instruction for cash transfers, settlements and corporate actions. For optimum speed, you will not be required to re-enter details of recurring counterparties, and may choose the most appropriate authorisation facility to achieve maximum efficiency. (You can separate booker and controller and assign an internal security administrator, for example.)


KAS-Web provides:

real time statements on your cash, securities and derivatives positions
settlement status and clearing obligations
extensive search function
printable statements and graphic management reports
sector news and documentation
virtual two-year archive