Tentative positive start 2012

  • KAS BANK’s total net result is €4.9 million (Q1 2011: €5.4 million); The net operating profit in Q1 2012 is more than 25 percent higher than Q1 2011
  • Total income has risen 18 percent compared to Q4 2011, partly due to higher commission income; Assets under Administration (AuA) increased 5 percent to €291 billion; total expenses decreased by 6 percent relative to Q4 2011
  • Partnership with dwpbank on schedule, in both the Netherlands and Germany
  • Non-operating result in Q1 2012 comes to €2.0 million and is chiefly attributable to the revaluation of a number of perpetual loans from banks. The proceeds of the planned sale of the shareholding in LCH.Clearnet will contribute €4.3 million net to the result in 2012.
  • The BIS-ratio from 31 March is 20% (Q1 2011: 22%); The current A- rating was reaffirmed last week by Standard & Poor's

Please read our full press release (pdf) here.