Cost transparency really pays off, say Dutch pension trustees

In recent years there has been increasing focus on providing insight into the cost of investing. Whether it concerns the prohibition on commissions, the interests of pension fund members or European legislation such as MiFID II, the idea is pretty much the same. Those who have insight into costs and processes are better able to make informed choices, whether it is a private or professional investor. Cost transparency and the resulting ability to benchmark costs are important tools... or are they?

Two experienced professionals from Stichting Pensioenfonds Achmea (‘SPA’) in the Netherlands, Gerard Warmerdam (Chairman - Committee on Balance Management) and Wiebe Hofstra (Manager - Investments and Control), were interviewed by KAS BANK in order to delve deeper into the question of whether an increased understanding of the scheme’s costs has indeed added value for professional investors. Should they only focus on the return on investment? Listening to Warmerdam and Hofstra it becomes clear that the issue costs and cost transparency is very close to their hearts.

Read the article in KAS Selections November 2015 or read the full edition of KAS Selections.

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