KAS BANK Pension Monitor Application Up-to-date management information, 24/7 and from any location
The KAS BANK Monitor App provides managers, trustees and sponsors with essential management information avout the key performance metrics of your organisation. It can be easily accessed from both desktops and all moble devices (tablets, smartphone, laptops). In addition the intuitive interface allows the user to obtain more detailed data, such as changes in market value for each asset over time.

Main features

• Insight into the risks of your investments based on your own KPIs
• Independent review of the performance of your asset managers
• Monitoring of your investment restrictions and supportive of your corporate social responsibility policy
• Support in reducing your market, counterparty and operational risk
• One information portal on your PC, laptop or tablet

Maximum protection
Your fund data is fully protected with your personal password. Moreover, no data is stored on your mobile device. Thus, even when the device is stolen or lost, there is still no possibility for third parties to access your data.

The KAS BANK Insurer Monitor is available in Apple’s App store and in Google Play (entry: KAS BANK Monitor). After you have downloaded and activated the app you can start working with the Insurer Monitor right away. To install the desktop version we kindly ask you to contact your Client Manager at KAS BANK.

More information
For a demonstration of our Monitor app at your office, please contact your dedicated relationship manager, or alternatively:

Patricia Sharman
Managing Director, KAS BANK UK Branch London
T: +44 20 7153 3660


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Peter Martens
, Managing Director, Stichting Pensioenfonds Staples:

“Accessible at every location, all key indicators at a glance. The performance of various mandates can be easily tracked. This also applies to breaches of investment guidelines”. 


We would be more than happy to provide you with a demo of our innovative application. Please contact:
Mark van Weezenbeek
T: +31 20 557 54 83
M: +31 65 321 14 52