KAS BANK and Ortec Finance launch Risk Monitor

KAS BANK and Ortec Finance continue to support pension funds with their risk management through a new joint service: the Risk Monitor. The Risk Monitor enables pension funds to compare the real-time value of their investments against a strategic ALM study.

Risk management
From a risk management perspective, pension fund boards increasingly require in-depth and accurate insight into the difference between their tactical and strategic investment policies. How do they differ? How significant are the differences? What are the consequences of these results for the stakeholders of the pension fund in the short and long term? The Risk Monitor from KAS BANK and Ortec Finance will provide answers to these questions.

Risk Monitor
The KAS BANK Ortec Finance Risk Monitor offers effective oversight of tactical and strategic investment policies. This tool ensures a natural fit between strategic analysis and operational activities. KAS BANK is an expert in independent administration and reporting. Ortec Finance specialises in the field of ALM risk analysis and strategic advice.

The collaboration enables efficient analysis based on up-to-date and detailed information. The report consists of three pillars: financial position, regulation & investment policy, and risk management. The first section of the report provides a management summary supported by a dashboard. The Risk Monitor report is based on fund-specific data, and will enable trustee boards to respond to market developments as they occur.

Pension fund TNO is enthusiastic about the Risk Monitor
Hans de Ruiter, Chief Investment Officer of pension fund TNO, received the first Risk Monitor report and is enthusiastic about the result: “The Risk Monitor from KAS BANK and Ortec Finance is a unique format that integrates strategic and tactical information. Besides, it is not limited to the data, but provides a detailed explanation of the figures. The Risk Monitor contains all the information that both the management and trustees need in order to run a solid investment policy with regard to the financial risks.”

More information
For more information or questions about the Risk Monitor from KAS BANK and Ortec Finance, please contact:

Michiel Koudijs
T: 020 557 5670
E: michiel.koudijs@kasbank.com

Martijn Vos
Ortec Finance
T: 010 700 50 01
E: martijn.vos@ortec-finance.com