REGIS-TR sign KAS BANK as first participant reporting on behalf of market participants

REGIS-TR, the European Trade Repository owned by Clearstream (Deutsche Börse Group) and Iberclear (BME) recently signed KAS BANK as their first participant acting as third party reporting on behalf of other market participants. KAS BANK is amongst the initial wave of institutions to complete the on-boarding process ahead of time whereas many others are currently finalising details to ensure they are ready to start reporting at the end of June.

“KAS BANK is delighted to join REGIS-TR”, says Sikko van Katwijk, Member Managing Board of KAS BANK. “We understand the significance of the new EMIR regulations and believe REGIS-TR provides us with the best solution to offer the large  number of impacted organisations both within the Netherlands and beyond an automated means of reporting their derivatives trades. Enabling our customers to report their derivatives positions (OTC and regular), offers them the first opportunity to comply with the new EMIR regulations well within the tight deadline. KAS BANK will provide this service to all market parties as part of our services to accommodate investors and traders to comply with the broader EMIR regulations that will be phased in."

Nicolas Boatwright, Deputy Managing Director of REGIS-TR welcomed the decision by KAS BANK. “We consider KAS BANK to be a true partner in the roll-out of our solution. REGIS-TR has ensured its business model is flexible enough to facilitate a smooth on-boarding process to both financial and non-financial entities of all sizes and nature. By launching our test environment well in advance of the start of ESMA’s new regulations we have truly given market players the tools they need to ensure they are fully compliant with ESMA’s technical standards and this is reflected in the 250% increase in participants to our test environment in the last three months.”

REGIS-TR is being widely followed and studied by the European derivatives community. Its focus on the European regulation, flexibility and the close support to all current participants and potential customers has ensured it is regarded as an essential link between the financial industry and the regulators' community.

REGIS-TR is a central trade repository for OTC derivatives transactions across multiple product classes and jurisdictions. REGIS-TR facilitates administrative tasks and helps improve the operational management of these transactions. For the contracts entered, REGIS-TR offers services including data management, certification, electronic matching and confirmation, as well as positions reconciliation.

REGIS-TR collects and administers details of OTC transactions reported by users, giving market participants and regulators access to a consolidated global view of these OTC derivative positions, an overview that was not available until now. REGIS-TR complies with all new regulatory proposals that have been made public to date and serves both financial and non-financial institutions. The trade repository aims to deliver flexible participation levels that adapt to the diverse profiles and needs of all stakeholders and actors in the OTC derivatives market.

KAS BANK is an independent European specialist in wholesale securities services. As an independent bank, we connect professional financial institutions both within Europe and across the globe.

We focus on providing added-value services to national and international organisations active in the pension and securities industries. We view the market from the perspective of our clients; tailor-made services and complete transparency are paramount in our service provision.

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