EMIR next steps - Notification of Exchange Traded Derivatives

KAS BANK Newsflash 6 May 2014

Since 12th February 2014, both financial and non-financial institutions have been obliged to report their derivatives transactions to one of six trade repositories approved by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). KAS BANK currently reports its transactions and those of many client firms to the trade repository REGIS-TR. Later this year, we will also have the capability to report Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) to REGIS-TR. KAS BANK will be able to offer this possibility also for your underlying clients.

Mandatory notification of OTC derivatives transactions
The reporting obligation stems from the introduction of the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) in all European Union Member States. Through EMIR, ESMA wishes to gain a clear understanding of the underlying risks of the overall derivatives market.

KAS BANK actively supports its clients in meeting their EMIR requirements on time. With our EMIR services clients can fully focus on achieving their own business goals. Transactions are received daily and then processed in a report to REGIS-TR. We check daily that all transactions are complete and report, where necessary, retroactively to REGIS-TR. In this way, we ensure that your institution timely complies with the notification requirements under EMIR. We already report derivative transactions for more than 100 financial institutions.

The EMIR App: clear insight in your reported and matched OTC derivatives transactions
In order to optimally support your EMIR requirements KAS BANK is launching – a first among European custodians – a special EMIR app in the coming months. The app includes a reporting module with up-to-date information about which OTC derivatives and derivatives transactions are reported to REGIS-TR and which transactions are matched in this register. That way you always have a timely and complete picture of your transactions and EMIR reports. Watch this space for more info on the EMIR App.

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