KAS BANK rated ‘Commended’ by Leading Clients in the Netherlands

We are proud to announce that KAS BANK is rated ‘commended’ by its Leading Clients in the Global Custodian Agent Banks in Major Markets Survey 2013. With a score of 5.78 on a scale of 1-7 we received the highest score of all Agent Banks in the Netherlands.

The Agent Banks in Major Markets Survey is an annual review, held by the magazine Global Custodian. KAS BANK was rated best in class by both our Leading Clients and our Cross Border/Non Affiliated clients.

Comment by Global Custodian Magazine on the best-in-class status of KAS BANK
‘KAS BANK, long seen as the traditional indigenous alternative in the Dutch market, continues to impress. “Long-standing personal service, knows the business, our bank and our requirements”, says one old client. “Helpful and excellent service as a whole”, adds another. The bank scores sixes for several fundamental aspects of the custody service. Even in the area of tax reclaims, which is marked down this year, scores remain good, exceeding the market average in this and most other categories. Client comments are few, suggesting general contentment.’

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