KAS Focus - Risk Sharing: Overly Ambitious?

In KAS Focus we keep you abreast of current developments in the markets and in KAS BANK's service provision. In this edition of KAS Focus we look into the defined benefit/defined contribution debate and to Defined Ambition as a halfway house between DB and DC schemes.

Risk Sharing: Overly Ambitious?

The limitations on choice across the pensions industry currently leaves little room for manoeuvre for employers and employees alike. There seems little will across all sectors in particular to resuscitate the defined benefit model (DB). Perhaps rightly so; the fact that most schemes are underfunded in the UK has led to claims that DB is somewhat anachronistic against today’s demographic backdrop, unable to cope with an ageing society. In the face of change, how then has the industry reached a stagnant situation in which there is so little choice? The defined benefit/defined contribution (DC) debate has been framed to a large extent on risk and who should shoulder the burden.

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