KAS BANK’s cost transparency solutions: up to date insight into the costs of your investment portfolio

KAS BANK Newsflash 17th March 2015

Real-time transparent access to the asset and transaction costs of your investment portfolio for your own pension fund to enable you to draw comparison to your peers. That is the added value of KAS BANK’s cost transparency solutions for pension funds.

Clear, consistent and comprehensible information makes a difference to the outcomes for members of your pension fund. Independent cost information forms the basis for informed decisions by trustees and directors on your pension fund investment portfolio, as well as your advisors. But you can also use this information for your annual report and in your communications to your members or corporate sponsor.

Cost transparency: actual insight into your execution costs
More and more pension fund members, corporate sponsors, industry bodies and regulators are asking for greater insight into, and justification of, your scheme’s investment and transaction costs. They want clear insight into the execution costs of your fund related to the investment return. The recent paper from the DWP and FCA “Transaction Costs Disclosure: Improving Transparency in workplace Pensions” has brought this issue increasingly to the fore.

The KAS BANK Pension Monitor app gives you 24/7 real-time access to the development of your pension fund’s asset management and transaction costs at both aggregate level and broken down by asset manager. The costs will also be shown in relation to the returns of a mandate, over a longer period, and intensity, active / passive, of a mandate. Moreover, you can easily create various scenario analyses by changing or influencing cost parameters yourself. The Pension Monitor app is accessed via smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC.

Cost Benchmarking: your costs relative to your peers
We aim to go beyond providing insight solely into the costs of your fund. The development of the KAS BANK Cost Benchmark will put your own costs into perspective in relation to your peers. How do the costs of fixed income in pension fund X relate to pension fund Y? What are the differences? And how do the costs compare with the returns and the risks? These and other questions can be answered by mirroring the structure and composition of your costs to a benchmark with similar pension funds.

KAS BANK Cost Benchmark is being developed in collaboration with trustees. Meanwhile, more than 40 pension funds have registered for this report in the Netherlands. We invite you to take part in the development of our benchmark in the UK.

More info
Would you like a demonstration of the KAS BANK Pension Monitor app or to discuss our Cost Transparency solutions? Please contact:

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